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Home Storage


Barrels stored at DeddingtonThere are two main arms to the Containanstor business; storage/warehousing/transportation and property.

Our main store is situated in Deddington near Banbury in Oxfordshire.  We have a variety of storage offerings for individuals looking for self storage, businesses looking for area to expand into  and removal companies looking to offer a more complete solution.

Our rates are very competitive.  Our staff are always willing to lend a hand.  We have numerous forklifts on site to help load/unload lorries and containers.  Please call before hand to ensure that a suitably skilled driver is available at the time you require.

  • Personal Effects Storage
    Household storage at Cintainanstor in DeddingtonWe offer containerised storage for household items, personal effects and other inert products. Some of the major removal companies use our services as do individuals looking for self storage who have just short or medium term storage requirements. Some of our customers have had items in our warehouse for in excess of 3 years.

    Rates are competitive and access to store is easy, although we do insist on prior notice. At present we have storage on three sites and this is set to expand.

    Each container can hold 7m3 (250 cubic feet) of contents.

  • Archive Storage
    Archive Storage Box(es)

    The over full office environment can be eased by bringing all of your old records that are required to be retained into our Archive Stores.  Arrangements can be made for free collection from your premises and a competitive storage rate with no charge for retrieval.  A transportation charge may be made for return to your premises.

    Archive boxes are available from here - and we insist on a standard box for all archive storage.

    All of your goods are stored within our warehouses these are insulated and dry
    there is 24 hour monitoring and alarms linked to the Police.

  • Business Storage

    If you are out growing your current premises and are looking to expand, we have the overflow space that you need.  We can rent you various kinds of storage space, indoor or outdoor, racked or palletised we can find something to suit your needs.

    All of your goods are stored within our warehouses these are insulated and dry
    there is 24 hour monitoring and alarms linked to the Police.

  • Palletised Storage

    Oil drums sotred at Containanstor warehouse in DeddingtonIf you are short on space to store pallets then we can help you.  We are able to receive and unload your pallets, store them and ship them on to their final detination if required.

    All of your goods are stored within our warehouses these are insulated and dry
    there is 24 hour monitoring and alarms linked to the Police.

  • Transportation Services
    Transportation offered by Containanstor in DeddingtonWith the aid of our carefully selected partners in the transportation industry, we are able to transport your products from our store in Deddington to your customer’s location.  From a single pallet delivered in a Sprinter, to 38 tonne artics and shipping container, we can take the headache of arranging transportation from you.

    We have expertise in packing containers for shipping to other countries as well as more local delivery.

  • Receiving and Unloading

    We are able to receive your shipping containers or lorry of any size and unload it for you.  We are able to handle packages as small as a single suit case or as large as 20 tonnes.  We have the ability to re-pack your container for the export of all kinds of goods. 

  • Shipping Containers

    40' shipping container storage at ContainanstorOur 40 ft containers are suitable for storage of any goods including chemicals, motor cars or personal effects.  The containers are in a yard with automatic security gates.  Some of our containers have 24 hour access, the remainder are only accessible during working hours.  These can be rented from as little as £4.62 +VAT per day.

     We are able to help you load and unload your containers with our qualified forklift operators.  Please ensure that your items are protected from the cold as the containers are not heated and stood outside.