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How much space do I need?

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So how many boxes should I book?

This is a dificult question, it depends on the size of your house and how full it is.  The table below may help but you should apply your own common sense.  If you are looking to store books,  it is easy to work out how many boxes you require.  A book has a volume that you can calculate, when it is compressed it doesn't really change its size.  When it comes to furniture, it is a lot more difficult, if you put a matress at the bottom of the box it will compress a lot more than if you put it at the side.  And how is a sofa going to fit in?

The table below is our rule of thumb.  A typical 1 bedroom flat with a typical amount of furniture would usually fill a single box.  An individual would usually arrive in a Transit or equivelent sized van.

BedroomsStorage SolutionVehicle


1 x 250 Cu. Ft. ContainerTransit


2 x 250 Cu. Ft. Container31/2 Tonne


4 x 250 Cu. Ft. Container71/2 Tonne